Oakland SWISH currently has three projects, and are planning a fourth in the near future.


One of our new projects for Oakland is small safer sex distribution boxes, similar to the small library boxes around town, but with condoms, resources and snacks instead of books. We get the word out to workers about these boxes through already existing street outreach efforts. 

Our first box has been hung up at East Side Arts Alliance, on International and 23rd Ave. It is being stocked on a weekly basis. If you know of any or have an org, business or home in mind that might be open to us hanging a safer sex box on your fence, please email us at

Pop-Up Spas

Sex Worker Spa Days were our first project, and were started in 2010. These pop ups started as the closing night party of the SF Sex Worker Film and Art Fest, one of the only spaces at the festival exclusively for current and former sex workers. The event is dedicated to self care, relaxation, and community building. Since 2010 we have offered about ten pop-up spa days in different locations with health and healing by and for sex workers. It is our mission to create spaces of safety and care for the sex worker community, a marginalized and criminalized community whose job it is to provide care for others.


The second project is daily condom distribution on International Blvd, in the San Antonio district near Fruitvale. We are distributing approximately 1000 condoms (10 to a bag), snacks, and safer sex supplies a month. 

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